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What is FreebeePay?

Stay closer to customers. Deliver personalized offers, loyalty rewards, and promotions directly to their smartphones. FreebeePay places you in customers’ mobile wallets, so you can:

  • Reward them for checking in
  • Enable them to purchase instantly
  • Remind them of upcoming offer expirations
  • Encourage them to share savings with their social networks
  • Stay top of mind as your offers are visibly tracked

Although FreebeePay is simple to use, it’s a retail marketing powerhouse. Gain incredible agility, precise control, and effective social media exposure. One app—on everyone’s phones.


A Merchant's Honey Pot

One Sweet Marketing Tool

See how FreebeePay can help you easily attract customers and strengthen customer loyalty. View the demo here >
Beeyond Easy
  • Implement with your point-of-sale system, along with PCI Version 2.0 compliance updates.
  • Create loyalty programs, offers, social sharing rewards, FreebeeDay specials, and instant promos in seconds.
  • We're already compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Mobile 7.
    apple    android    Windows
  • No added infrastructure needed. FreebeePay works over the Internet.
desktop   device   desktop
Be Customer Friendly   Gain Customers   Manage Everything
  • Gain 2-way communication. Deliver deals and track how customers respond.
  • Create loyalty programs, offers, social sharing rewards, FreebeeDay specials, and instant promos in seconds.
  • Tailor offers and pinpoint campaigns to deliver savings that customers really care about.
  • Meet customers' social networks with no extra effort.
  • Reward them for sharing savings and attract a swarm.
  • Boost sales, reduce overstocks, or capitalize on circumstances with instant promos or FreebeeDay deals.
  • Reduce printing, mailing, and advertising costs while boosting impact and extending your reach.
  • See customers, FreebeePay visits, offers shared, average ticket and more all in one place.
  • FreebeePay automatically tracks, redeems, accepts delivery, enables sharing, and aggregates data.
  • Gain real-time customer analytics through the easy-to-use dashboard.

Plans and Services

FreebeePay is implemented with point-of-sale systems by qualified system integrators. It can easily be included in software updates for PCI Compliance Version 2.0. To implement FreebeePay for your stores, contact FreebeePay at and we can provide you with integration resources.

Merchant Subscription Packages

Merchants can easily cancel their subscription if they are displeased – no termination fees.


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